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  Togo-Benin Bicycle TourThis commentary is based on a small group, self-contained bicycle tour that exploring the diversity of Togo and Benin. 

For Togo's and Benin's more than 400 years of contact with Europeans, it has rarely been in the headlines, yet they boastLanguage of Togo and Benin 1 rainforest, grasslands, mountains, waterfalls, rivers, hamlet, villages, towns,  cities, over 70 languages and several UNESCO World Heritage Sites. (The areas circled in red on the two attached charts (right) show the language areas that this tour passed through.) Language of Togo and Benin 2

While it is all beautiful enough, the high point is their people; overwhelmingly friendly, engaging, good natured, and entrepreneurial.  By its vary nature a bicycle tours is a good way to experience this.  Please come along with us.


Note: These essay contain only selected observations, and is not intended to be a comprehensive report of all interactions, discussions, meetings and events on the program.  Comments, criticism and corrections are welcome.

  Dispatches: Togo - Benin Tour
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  Kande or Kante


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