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Tunisia Odyssey Chronicle

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These accounts from bicycle tours illustrate the complex mélange of Tunisia's modern infrastructure and traditional culture and values. Tunisia has layer upon layer of cultural heritage and history (as demonstrated by its World Heritage Sites from Phoenician, Roman, Arab, and Turkish periods). The architecture reflect a millennium of traditions from around the Mediterranean, the markets are colorful and filled with wonderful produce, spices and goods, the crafts, decorative arts and carpets are stunning, and the countryside is beautiful.

If this intrigues you, please read on.  We hope you enjoy the journal.

Note: The photo-essay contains only selected observations, and is not intended to be a comprehensive report of all discussions, meetings and events on the program.



Tour Dispatches

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  Eden to Oasis Itinerary:
This tour brings you closer to the lifestyles and the dynamic reality of  southern
Tunisia's Mediterranean zones, olive tree steppes, mesas, desserts and oasis.
Historic North Itinerary:
Explore the lifestyles and the reality of  northern Tunisia's fertile valleys, Atlas Mountains & Mediterranean zones.

Thanks to Ralph Monfort for contributing some of the narrative content of this report.

  1 Houmt Souk 1 Tunis  
  2 Djerba 2 Carthage excursion  
  3 Medenine 3 Mejez el Bab  
  4 Tataouine 4 Teboursouk  
  5 Beni Khedache 5 Beja  
  6 Matmata 6 Tabarka  
  7 Douz 7 Ain Draham  
  8 Souk Lahad 8 Jendouba  
  9 Tozeur 9 El Kef  
  10 Nabuel 10 Kairouan  
  11 el Haouaria 11 Tour Ends  
  12 Korbous      
  13 Tunis      


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