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Community Bike Programs: Kansas, Kentucky & Louisiana





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If you have bikes to donate or contribute, many of the organizations on this page are willing recipients. If you cannot find an organization in your community, you should also check the programs listed on our "youth program directory" and "international recycling bicycles" pages.).  Still no luck, check locally for social service agency that serve the homeless, disadvantaged, orphanages, organize gift programs at Christmas, etc. (If you have additions or corrections for this list please let us know. )

* To discourage email harvesting, the email addresses in this directory are un-hyperlinked and have an extra space in them.  To use the email address: cut-and-paste the address and delete the space before the @ symbol.  For those of you with honorable intentions we are sorry for the inconvenience in communicating with these fine organizations.

Directory of Community Bike Programs: 


Adopt-A-Bike, Linn County Conservation Dist, 431 Spruce St, Mound City, KS 66056. Tel: 913-792-2940.

Campus Christians, Pittsburg State University, Pittsburg. KS. Tel: 417-529-6470. Email: dsmith  *.

Bicycle Repair and Refurbishing Program, Ellsworth Correctional Facility, Ellsworth, KS.

Revolve Community Bike Shop, 554 Central Ave., Kansas City, KS 66101. Tel: 816-835-3310. Email:  info  *.

The Bike Cave, 115 1/2 S. Pattie, Wichita, KS. Tel: 316-530-2283. (closed 2013)

Topeka Community Cycle Project, 801 NE Poplar St, Topeka, KS 66616. Tel: 785-380-9827. Email: topeka


Berea Blue Bikes, Berea College, Berea KY. Tel: 859-985-3613. (may be defunct)

Hillview Community Bicycle Project, City Hall, 312 Prairie Dr, Hillview, KY 40229. Contact: Craig Gosselin. Email: gocoffee  *.

Wildcat Wheels, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY. Contact: Shane Tedder. Email: dstedd0 *.  Free bike program for student faculty and staff.

Falls City Community BikeWorks, 1217 Logan St, Louisville, KY 40204. Tel: 502-509-3308. The shop has tools and parts, and volunteer bike experts.

Free Bicycle Safety Classes, Louisville KY.

Freewheel Bike Collective, 1101 South Second Street (at St. Catherine St.), Louisville, Kentucky 40203. Tel: 502-509-2244. Brycc House Community Center hosts a bike workshop and community resource for parts and tools.

Metro Department of Health & Wellness, Louisville, KY.  Bicycles are available for health department employees and bike lockers for the bicycling public.


Plan B (aka New Orleans Community Bike Project), 511 Marigny St, New Orleans, LA 70117. Tel: 504-272-7266. Email: planb * or nolabikeproject *.

Rubarb, behind St. Mary of the Angels church, on the corner of N. Tonti and Gallier, in the Upper 9th Ward of New Orleans, LA. Email: buildit *

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