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Community Bike Programs: Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, South Carolina & South Dakota





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If you have bikes to donate or contribute, many of the organizations on this page are willing recipients. If you cannot find an organization in your community, you should also check the programs listed on our "youth program directory" and "international recycling bicycles" pages.).  Still no luck, check locally for social service agency that serve the homeless, disadvantaged, orphanages, organize gift programs at Christmas, etc. (If you have additions or corrections for this list please let us know. )

* To discourage email harvesting, the email addresses in this directory are un-hyperlinked and have an extra space in them.  To use the email address: cut-and-paste the address and delete the space before the @ symbol.  For those of you with honorable intentions we are sorry for the inconvenience in communicating with these fine organizations.

Directory of Community Bike Programs: 


Bethlehem Bicycle Cooperative (CAT), 1935 W Broad St, Bethlehem PA 18018. Tel: 610-954-5744.  Email: cat  *

Coatsville Community Bike Works, PO Box 203, Coatesville PA 19320. Tel: 610-383-4349. Email: info  *

Recycle Bicycle Harrisburg, 2266 Atlas Street, Harrisburg, PA. Tel: 717-571-2008. Email: recyclebicycle  * . Facebook:  Adult & teen earn-a-bike, free kids bikes, free DIY repairs, free instruction.

NW Pennsylvania Re-Cycle, Meadville, PA 16335. Make low cost bicycles and bicycle parts available to the people in our area.  Hold advanced maintenance and repair workshops. Provide shop space tools and technical assistance, and more. (may be defunct)

Neighborhood Bike Works, 3916 Locust Walk (rear), Philadelphia PA. Tel: 215-386-0316. Email: info  *.

Free Ride! Recycle-a-Bike, 214 N Lexington Ave, Pittsburgh PA 15209. Tel: 412-731-4094.  Contact: Erok Boerer.  Email: freeride *.  Open three days a week; bike coop and  youth Earn-a-Bike program.  Enables people of all ages to obtain, recycle, and maintain bicycles.

Bike Pottstown/ Bike Schuylkill, 140 College Dr, Pottstown, PA. Yellow bike, bike share program.

Puerto Rico

La Recicleta, 353 San Agustin St, San Juan, PR 00901, Puerto Rico.

Rhode Island

Recycle-a-Bike, 27 Sims Ave. Providence, RI 02909. Tel: 401-273-7101.  Email:  info *.

South Carolina

Holy City Bike Co-op, 561 King St, Charleston SC 29403.

Blackbird Bicycle Co-op, Columbia City, SC. Email: blackbirdbicycle *. (may be defunct, 2009).

Columbia City Bike Collective, Columbia City, SC.

Hub Cycle, Partners for Active Living, 226 S. Spring St, Spartanburg, SC. Contact: Jean Crow.  Tel: 864-598-9638  Email: info *.

"We've loaned over 150 bikes between Nov '06 and July '08 - and to ALL different walks of life.  We ran the program with volunteer assistance for the first year and then received sponsorship funding to hire a part-time bike mechanic who repairs the bikes once a week.  We require a $15 deposit and offer a helmet and lock with each bike - they can be borrowed for 3 months. Money is returned when the bike is returned.  We've been very happy with it and have found it is one of the best ways to get safety information out to groups who would otherwise have no reason to seek it out." (July 2008)

South Dakota

Brookings Community Bicycle Collective, Brookings SD.

Black Hills Yellow Bike Program and Reconditioned Bikes for Kids, 22860 Sky St., Rapid City SD 57703. Tel: 605-923-5991. Contact: Dale Bishop. Email: bikerbfk * Refurbish and recycle bikes in Rapid City. Free transportation for anyone in the community; Reconditioned bicycles for needy children. 

Sioux Falls Bike Collective, 2400 S. Summit Ave., Sioux Falls SD. Email: 2wheeledbarista *

Spearfish Bicycle Cooperative, 727 Ames Ave., Spearfish SD.

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Directory of Non-USA Community Bike Programs
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