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Dispatch 10 - Epilogue

A Few Comments From the Participants:

"I would judge the journey 1000% successful... The part of the hike into the Indian village and the ride along the river into Banos was great."
Fred G.

"Meeting people in the schools as well as the community were one of the highlights of the trip.  The cross-cultural / people-to-people experiences were fabulous. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to go on this trip, but it was more difficult than I had ever imagined."
Anne S.

"It was a terrific tour, if a bit wild... I had been to Ecuador before and loved it, so a bike tour seemed the best way to see more of it. You get to some really remote locations and see things you would not see if you went the normal tourist route. It's physically a bit challenging, but well worth it."
Tim L.

"David was critical in the success and diversity of experiences on the trip."
Jonathan A.


Ecuador, Tena, main street

North of Puyo:

Some of the most spectacular scenery in Ecuador is north of Tena, on the route to Quito, but it is not an easy bicycle ride.

Tena itself is not so different from other trading center in the region.


Ecuador, Tena, square

Ecuador, Archidona church
North of Tena is the lovely town of Archidona.  As usually the most notable building in town is the church.

Between Archidona and Quito the towns are few (there are some) and far between.  The dramatic landscape is characterized by undisturbed forest and deep river canyons.  It is some of the most beautiful and rugged countryside in Ecuador.

Ecuador, Papallocta 
River valley

Towards Quito, along teh Papllocta River, the terrain is a little less rugged and more suitable for agriculture.  There is also more population.

Near Papallocta Pass, 4064m., is a "paramos" zone, an alpine tundra of tufted grass, wildflowers and wind.

    Papallocta Pass, 4064m., "paramos" zone, alpine tundra of tufted grass, wildflowers and wind
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