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Photo essay: Suchon

  Suchon harbor, Korea Suchon harbor, KoreaEven medium size towns in Korea have high rise apartment buildings.  The impact is a population and population density that is higher than a survey of the rest of the town might suggest.  Assuming that this housing is affordable on the average local income, this probably helps to stabilize the base economy.
    Part of the economy of Suchon is derived from the sea, specifically squid fishery.  There is a large squid boat fleet based there.  When in Suchon, the logical thing to do is eat raw squid -- at least once.  They are served with raw onions, hot peppers and a sauce made with soy sauce and wasibi (horseradish paste).
  Squid boats, Suchon harbor, Korea Squid boats, Suchon harbor, Korea Squid boats, Suchon harbor, Korea Squid boats, Suchon harbor, Korea eating raw squid, Korea
  Suchon beach Korea In and around town there were some beaches, but from the shore there was more fishing than swimming.

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