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Ibike‚Äôs South Korea cultural people-to-people program started in 2004. It lets participants experience the depth, beauty and complexity of this gem of a country.  South Korea is a country of many contrasts: Bustling modern urban centers and tranquil elegant traditional villages; the latest high-tech industry and infrastructure and age-old labor-intensive agriculture and fisheries; dramatic picturesque mountain ranges and scenic coastlines; generous hospitality and reserved, private people; all night discos and contemplative Buddhist monks; 1500-year-old structures of the Silla and Baekje Kingdoms (many of which are World Heritage Sites) and modern skyscrapers, to name but a few.  The juxtaposition and interaction of these characteristics, with spectacular scenery, is enchanting. Korea offers some of the finest bicycle touring in the world -- call it a bike oasis. 

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