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Photo essay: Wontong to Sangnam

    (55mi, 90km) Climb to to Han-Gyeryong Pass (917m, 3000 ft) and descend.
Points of Interest: Seoraksan National Park, Osaek mineral spring
  Seoraksan National Park Fall colors, Seoraksan National ParkSeoraksan National Park: The trees on the right on beginning to show some fall colors.  The mountains were full of colors and shades of color.
  Seoraksan National Park Waterfall along the highway, Seoraksan National Park.  The variation of views made this a delightful ride and made a lot of the climb unnoticeable and pass quickly.
  Wildlife overpass, Seoraksan National Park This is a typical rural highway cross section, with the added feature of wildlife overpass.  Intercity highways in more densely populated areas typically have four lanes with paved shoulders.
  Seoraksan National Park Seoraksan National ParkSeoraksan National Park (left).  Near the pass the road climbs more steeply (right), but the view from the top and the ride down were more than enough reward.
  Korean hikers starting out at trail head, Seoraksan National Park Day hikes is a favorite Korean group recreational activity.  At this trail head at the pass, on the weekend, a new group started up the trail every few minutes.  Even mid-week, groups of older hikers are out enjoying the extensive trail systems in the mountains of Korea.
  Osaek mineral water and hot springs Osaek Yaksu (mineral water) and hot springs. Its mineral water, containing iron and carbonic acid.  The spring produces 12,500 liters of mineral water each day.  It is said that rice cooked in Osaek water turns blue and has a good taste.
  Jarisan River Jarisan RiverIn a delightful, almost carefree ride, we follow a tributary of the  Jarisan River downstream on a beautiful paved road with almost no traffic.
  white water rafting, South Korea speakers broadcasting music to river rafters, KoreaAlong the bigger Jarisan rivers there are numerous rafting companies (left). A phenomenon that I am still trying to understand is, often, in Korea, nature and its sounds are not enough so there is piped in music.  These speakers (right) play music to entertain the rafters.
  harvesting rice with combine transfering rice from combine to truckRice cutting combine, harvests and bags rice near Hyeon-ri (left). Other combines cut and store the rice and then transfer it to trucks (right)
  Drying rice Hand cut rice is dried on road signs. The guardrails along the road are also used for drying rice.
  rice threshing Rice that was cut and dried by hand is now being threshed with the assistance of an "iron horse."  These machines, with different accessories, can be used to haul goods, till fields, pump water and take the family to town to do the marketing.
  recycling station for florescent tube, CFL and batteries, South Korea Sangnam is a small town off about 10 square blocks, with a half dozen stores, fewer restaurants, some government buildings and one "yeogwan" (small motel with about 6 rooms).  It is probably sustained by tourist passing through on there way to see the pristine environment of the surrounding rivers and mountains.  Despite its diminutive sized it seems to have a recycling station for florescent tube, CFL and batteries.

Wontong Sangwonsa

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