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Photo essay: Jinju to Hadong

    (90km, 55mi)
Points of Interest: Ch’oksongnu, Hadong, tea country, Ssangwansa
  Jinju market Jinju marketIndividual vendors set-up early in the morning before many buyers are in area.  As time passes the shoppers come, many bring wheeled carts to carry home the days purchases.
  Riverside bike trail and walking path The river banks in many cities are used for non-motorized activities. In Jeju there are several kilometers of walking and bicycle path. Besides trails, the area in the flood plain and inside the dikes is sometimes used for other kinds of recreation facilities like basketball and volleyball courts, inline skating ovals and soccer fields.
  Further towards the edge of town, and also along the river, are a number of plant nurseries and tree farms.
  Rice farm at beginning of harvest Curiously, all rice fields they cut a corner by hand before they finish the work with a mechanical cutter.  The practice is to give the mechanical harvest space to maneuver, without damaging any of the crop, when they first enter the field.
  Jang-seung, "totem poles" Jang-seung, "totem poles", usually locate in male-female pairs at the entrance to a village on the mainland to mark the village boundary and scare off evil.  In this case they lined the roadway.  They are smiling scary.
  farmland and hills farmland and hillsMore relaxing travel, with plenty of time to focus on the scenery and ponder how to photograph it.
  Near Hadong is a memorial to 313 soldiers who lost there lives in the Korean war, in a two day battle at the end of July 1950.
  typical stream coming out of the hills This is a typical stream coming out of the hills.  The banks have been straightened and hardened and small dams pool the water as it descends.  The adjacent green houses probably draw water from the stream.
Korean fast food restaurant A Korean fast food restaurant sells some dinners to families in Hadong.

Jinju Seomjin River

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