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Bike and walking tour are best...

  • Go places bus tour can't go.
  • Learn fascinating things about the history and
    culture of Seattle and environs.
  • Gain special insights from a local.
  • Get exercise.
  • Leave the air as clean as clean as you found it.
  • Have a hoot of a good time!

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Comments and testimonials from past participants:
(the newest feedback is at the bottom)

Visiting Historic Seattle by Bike, tour review published in the Bicycle Paper, Seattle (July 2007)

"This is a four hour history course, with fresh air, exercise, no text book, no test and not too many dead white men -- pretty sweet."
-Dan M.

"I also enjoyed the tour of Seattle and think it’s a great city. The leadership of the tour guide, flexibility of the program, and the congeniality of the group made the trip an enjoyable experience. The historical sites, museum visits, people-to-people experiences, art galleries, and David's knowledge about the areas, all amassed into an opportunity to learn about the history, cultures, and peoples of the areas. I now have a better knowledge of the different peoples that have come and gone in the Pacific Northwest and the cultural and environmental changes that have taken place as circumstances and government policies have changed over the years."
-Helen S.

"It was a wonderful way to see and learn about Seattle and its neighborhoods from various standpoints; convenience, speed, accessibility and beauty. It offered flexibility to stop and focus on those things that interested me and David was able to pass along much more information than I would have ever gleaned from a tour book. I also think that it really showed what a wonderful outdoor environment Seattle has to offer, from the beautiful views to the numerous parks and unique communities. All of these aspects were something that I never would have gained from wandering the city on foot for a day with a regular tour book."
-Brian G.

"Captivating, stimulating and the most interesting educational experience I have had biking. The Ibike tour creates a cultural framework around art, life and history of Seattle and its neighborhoods. By far the most inexpensive, unique, customized tour by bike you'll ever find."
-Lisa Q.

"The best part of the program was seeing my own city as if I was a visitor.  I learned a lot I didn't know about Seattle even though I live here. I notice things I didn't notice before and now have interesting tidbits of information to share with my companions when I am in the different parts of the city."
-Carol O.

"This was a great way to see Seattle. The best part of the program was traveling in my own city at just the right pace. Not too slow like walking and not too fast like driving. It was great! ... I enjoyed the historical tidbits and the info on the tiles, sculptures, etc. I've lived here for 18 years and learned a lot of new info."
-Sally D.

"Great variety, good route."
-Renee J.

"Idea for it is great. Lots of info.....interesting stuff"
-Fran D.

"Great way to see the city...Views were beautiful...(You should) extend to other cities!"
-Katy Z.

"Good value and nice way to get another view of Seattle."
-Anne B.

"I thought I knew Seattle, but I learned a lot."
-David Y.

"David’s encyclopedic knowledge was as amazing to an out-of-town tourist as it was to a Seattle resident like myself. The best part of this tour is that the participants set the pace. As we saw tourists zip by in buses and amphibious crafts, we appreciated the intimacy that seeing the city by bicycle afforded us."
-Tai L.

"Thank you so much for the walking tour last Saturday.  It exceeded all of our expectations, and we left Seattle feeling as though we knew so much more about the city than we ever did. Your knowledge about the history, architecture and culture was amazing.  It really was one of the highlights of our weekend!  Thanks again for getting us out on the streets! "
-Liz F.

"The best part is seeing and learning about parts of Seattle that I never would have noticed on my own was enriching and a lesson in becoming more observant. But over all, I enjoyed most the feeling of fun and freedom that comes with exploring on a bicycle. All the detail is so accessible by bicycle."
-Lucia M.

"It was almost too much information for the time allotted... Lots of information that I didn't know about Seattle history... Loved opportunity to bike with friends and not have to plan the route."

"Zero carbon foot print. Let's put the duck tour to shame. [NB: This is a reference to the high-carbon-footprint "Ride The Duck" amphibious truck/bus city tours.]  Super fun time!!!!! All my friends warned me about hills in Seattle. What hills?... I loved it. I was very active for the two weeks I was in Seattle. When I came home I told friends a long list things I did. I sometime forget some of the activities, but I never once left out the bike tour."
-Jarinya T.

"I really enjoyed the combo of biking and learning and most of it was new to me."
-Lynn T.

"The tour was very well-organized and balanced."
-Susan N.

"Thanks for a terrific ride.  It was a highlight of our visit.  We were able to cover and experience closer a much broader range of the city with the bikes than we could have walking or by car.  I'm glad we found your tour company."
-Elizabeth B.

"[This is] an outstanding opportunity to learn up close and personal about a city or region while getting some exercise!  Our group learned much about Seattle's history and current cultural and political climate.  The best part was being able to stop whenever or wherever we liked.  We had a blast, and always felt safe.  I loved the flexibility of our tour guide.  David was wonderful, easy going, knowledgeable, and fun!  I plan on using Ibike tours again in the near future."
-Monica C.

"We had a great time biking with you and learning about all of Seattle’s ethnic neighborhoods. Thanks for a fun and educational tour as well for the workout on those hills!"
-Amy and Rick S.

"A great mix of exercise and education.  The best part of the program was covering so much distance and seeing & learning so much in a very compact time."
Rob M.

"David gave us a good overview of the City and great information at the same time. I was left with the impression that David both loves his city and is proud of all her accomplishments, but has some great juicy stories of her past. It was great fun spending time with him!"
Karen S.

"Looking for an interesting, different way to see Seattle. Spot on.  Great info, varied, and fun!"
Suzie D.

"This was by far the best tour I have ever been on. I usually hate tours, but this was so much better than your classic tour. Mark was fantastic and answered all 1,000 of my questions. I felt that I got a good taste of the city, in a way I would never been able to have exploring on my own."
Amy C.

"We had a fabulous time yesterday.  Amazing tour.  Got to see a huge portion of the city in a short period of time. Very informative.  If your looking for a unique way to learn about Seattle and get a little exercise in the process this is the way to go.  Thanks again for a great tour.
Lauren S.

"Mark is a fabulous guide. I wasn't sure how this trip would go because we haven't done anything like this. My husband does not really like cities so this was my way of making it comfortable for him. He thoroughly enjoyed it. I was blown away by how much we learned in one day. I would suggest that visitors do this trip at the earliest opportunity when they arrive in Seattle. Also, bring a pen and paper so that you can write down all of the guide's suggestions for further things to do in Seattle."
Polly D.

"Wow!! What a day. Mark was amazing and took on us a whirlwind tour or Seattle. Mark demonstrated an amazing knowledge of the area, the neighborhoods , the history, the art. This guy seems to know Seattle like the back of his hand, taking us down neighborhood alley's, tunnels, and even up parking garage elevators so we didn't have to climb numerous hills. The best part of the program was the diversity."
Suzanne B.

"If I am only in a place a short time I am a huge fan of taking a city tour you get to see a good portion of the city in a relatively short amount of time.  My go to type tour is usually the hop on hop off style but when planning my recent trip to Seattle my friend suggested we try a bike tour.  I had never done a bike tour before so I was intrigued but a little nervous about the weather.  Looking around at tours the 1st one I found was rather pricey but she found IBike which was much more reasonable, in addition to being personal and customized.  Since she was so gun-ho on a bike tour I figured why not it's worth a try and it hopefully it won't rain, well it did but it really wasn't that bad.  Don't let the rain discourage you from taking this amazing tour. (more scroll down past ads)"
Lauren S.

"A therapeutic way to spend your time in Seattle."
Emily M.

"They worked to specifically tailor a tour around our needs and were excellent with the 4 young children we had. Great scenery; great historical context.... The best part of the program was how well the tour guide interacted with and handled the young kids to keep them entertained and safe throughout the tour and still maintain the historical and cultural information for the adults."
Windham M.

"The best part of the program was stopping at all the highlights on our tour; the troll, the locks, the university, the beach, and lunch."
Johanna L.

"Great way to see and learn about Seattle while getting a little exercise. A lot of fun. Seattle is a very bike friendly city which makes a tour like this even more enjoyable."
Spencer S.

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