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Custom bike and walking tour are the best...

  • Pick your route (we're happy to help you.)
  • Travel at your own pace.
  • Go places bus tour can't go.
  • Learn fascinating things about the history and
    culture of Seattle and environs.
  • Gain special insights from a local.
  • Get exercise.
  • Leave the air as clean as you found it.
  • Have a hoot of a good time!

Nuts & Bolts

Comments and Testimonials
Custom Seattle Bike and Walking Tours (PDF)
Seattle Heritage Bike (and Walking) Tours Home page

Custom Salish Heritage Bike and Walking Tours Routes and Rates

Custom departures, year round, depending on availability.
Travel at your own pace on a scenic, cultural and historically rich route through Seattle and vicinity.  You let us know when and where you want to start, how far, how fast and how long you want to travel.  Choose a route described below or create your own.Salish Welcome, Melvin Oliver, Ballard, Seattle

General Features of All Programs

Small group exploration of the fascinating cultural and ethnic diversity (Native American, Asian American, African American, Pacific Islander and European American) and natural and social history of Seattle.  Enjoy the extraordinary natural beauty of the mountains, waterways and forest, public art, architecture, historic sites, and beautiful bicycling.  You make the group, so you set the skill level.

Sample of Set Bicycle Tour Routes (map with selected routes)

All the routes are customizable. The distance covered in a tour is quite flexible.  There tend to be an inverse relationship between the distance and the amount we talk and poke around.  While downtown we tend to talk more and ride less.  As we get out of downtown, we tend to ride more and talk less.  You can use this rule of thumb if you would like to custom route for your tour.  For a little background on some of Seattle's Neighborhoods and Districts click on the links.

Two-Hour Tour

Quick Stretch - Explore old Seattle (Pioneer Square), working Seattle (the Waterfront) and creative Seattle (Olympic Sculpture Garden and other public art).

Three-Hour Tour

Simple Lay of the Land - The is plenty to see and learn between the International District, Pioneer Square, the Waterfront, Sculpture Garden and Magnolia, but it is hardly scratching the surface.

Half-Day Routes

Downtown Art, Architecture and History - This is the program that works well as a walking tour.  Between more than 4000 years of human history, a 40 year policy to incorporate art into public spaces, and four main modern architectural periods (Fireproof buildings - Romanesque, Early skyscraper - "Age of Terra-cota", International Style, and Post-modern) the city offers volumes to discuss and scrutinize.

Celebrating the Ethnic Diversity of Seattle - This is the program that works well as a walking tour.  From the arrival of the first immigrants in the region the newcomers have been multi-ethnic. The program examines the stories and events that lie behind the Euro-America facade of the Pike Place Market, Pioneer Square, International District (China Town, Japan Town, Little Saigon), the old Jewish neighborhood (Central District). 

Duwamish of the Duwamish - This very flat route up the Duwamish Valley explores the cultural, natural and economic history back to the time when the Duwamish people were the sole inhabitants of the area.  A lot has shaped the valley from time of Duwamish's "Epic of the Wind" myth, to their constructions of numerous villages along the river, to contact with Europe's, to the industrial revolutions and current attempt to restore some of the natural environment.

Women in the Character and Culture of Seattle - The route takes in the Pike Place Market, Pike-Pine, Capital Hill, the University District and Fremont, highlight the contributions of women to the character and culture of Seattle, including politicians, suffragists, educators, artist, social activists, businesswomen.

Beyond the Crossing Over Place - The Duwamish left there village in what is now Pioneer Square at the "crossing over place."  We we sort of follow in their tracks to explore what is now China Town/International District, the Central District, Pike-Pine, Capital Hill, the University District, the Ship Canal, Fremont, Ballard/Shilshole, Magnolia/Interbay and the Waterfront.

"est" Tour - A fun tour of a hundred of the oldest, tallest, and quirkiest sites in Seattle.

Interfaith Heritage - Explore a slice of reverent and irreverent Jewish, Christian, Moslem, and Eastern faith, history and legacy in Seattle from Pioneer Square to Capital Hill and through the Central District.

Labor, Leftists and the Common Folk that shaped Seattle - A social history of Seattle.

Popular Culture - Seattle dominate popular musical culture has changed over time from vaudeville, to burlesque, to jazz, to garage rock, to hip-hop, to grunge, with more others sub-trends in between.  There is also the opera, symphony and more theatre per capita than any place else in the country.  We will survey these, along with some film locations and other tidbits that we let you in on the changing pulse of the city. The neighborhoods include Pioneer Square, Pike Place, the Seattle Center, Pike-Pine, Capital Hill, the Central District and China Town/International District.

Seattle's Historic Neighborhoods (Abbreviated) - A scenic and historic journey through Seattle neighborhoods.  The basic routes includes the Waterfront, Ballard, Fremont, University District.  Some of the points of interest that can be included are Myrtle Edwards Park, Fisherman's Terminal, Discovery Park, fish ladders, Burke-Gilman Trail, Center of the Universe, Fremont Troll, Kite Hill, and the University of Washington Campus.

Seven Hill of Seattle - Soak up the sight from the most iconic viewpoints of around Seattle and learn a bundle of fun stuff about art, culture and history along the way.  The hills are not as bad as they are made out to be (the numbers are the starting and highpoint elevations in meters: Magnolia Hill (13>100), Queen Anne Hill (10>120), Denny Hill (30>50), Capital Hill (15>135), First Hill (90>105), Beacon Hill (50>95), West Seattle (10>105).

Full-Day Routes

Seattle's Historic Neighborhoods - A scenic and historic journey through Seattle neighborhoods.  The basic routes includes the Waterfront, Magnolia, Ballard, Fremont, University District, Leishi, Columbia City, China Town/International District and Pioneer Square.  Some of the points of interest that can be included are Myrtle Edwards Park, Fisherman's Terminal, Discovery Park, fish ladders, Burke-Gilman Trail, Center of the Universe, Fremont Troll, Kite Hill, University of Washington Campus, Washington Park Arboretum, Viretta Park, Lake Washington and Kubota Garden (Japanese).  Sub-themes can include ethnic communities, women, labor, popular culture, public art and architecture. Click here to see a photo essay of some sights on this tour.

Emerald Necklace - A scenic ride mostly along boulevards and green belts and on bike paths.  Similar to the "Seattle's Historic Neighborhoods" route, but slower and not as many side trips. Click here to see a photo essay of some sights on this tour.

Lake Washington Circuit - A lot of the route is historic towns (Renton, Kennydale, Newcastle, Bellevue, Houghton, Kirkland, Juanita, Bothell, Kenmore, Lake Forest Park) separated by greenway.  There are options to do half the circuit or the full circuit. The southern half is flatter than the northern half is generally flat but has a couple of significant hills.

Ibike Bainbridge Island bicycle tour routeBainbridge / Suquamish - This route starts with a ferry boat ride across Puget Sound.  We then bicycle on forested Bainbridge Island, stopping to visit some sites of historical and cultural interest.  In time we working our way out to the Suquamish Reservation where there are more sites of historical and cultural interest, and we can visit the Suquamish Museum.  We return back across Bainbridge Island by a different route, take the ferry again and end up at our starting point in Seattle.

King County Tours - Possible destinations include the Green River Valley, Kent, Auburn, Black Diamond, Issaquah, Snoqualmie Valley, Fall City, Snoqualmie Falls, Carnation, North Bend, Duvall, Woodinville, Sound-to-Mountain Trail and more.

Nuts and Bolts

Starting/Ending Point: any convenient location in greater Seattle, Washington, including hotels, bed and breakfasts, bike rental location, etc.

Skill Level: Suitable for Fit Beginners / Intermediate / Experts

Mileage: 5-80 km, 3-50 miles.

Cycling Conditions: Paved roads, considering the overall topography of the area most of are routes are surprisingly flat, maybe with some small hills -- it is permissible to walk up hills.  Some of the longer routes have longer hills.  Let us know in the planning stage if you have an aversion to big hills. We'll ride rain, sprinkle or shine if you want.

Other Activities: Discussions, visits, walking

Attire: Dress for the weather.  Any clothes and shoes that are comfortable for cycling and walking should work fine.

Van Support: No vehicle support, but all local transit buses have bike racks and can be used to return to the starting point, if needed.

Accommodations: not provided, information available.

Meals: not included in the cost of the tour.  We stop for snacks and meals as desired.  Information on unique restaurants and cafes is available.

Bike: Touring, hybrid or mountain bikes are suitable. Bicycle helmets are required by local law.

Bike Rental: Available from local bike shop for $5-8 per hour, or $25-32 for all day.  [Ibike has a limited selection of free vintage loaner bikes available for custom tour clients. Ask for details.]

Payment: Full payment required to hold reservation. (1) A $20 administration fee is assessed, per person, per tour, for all withdrawals. (2) There is a 50% refund for withdrawals 15-7 days prior to the tour. (3) There is no refund for withdrawals less than 7 days prior to the tour.

Cancellation: See "General Terms and Conditions."

Rates *

  • Two hour custom tour: $60 per person**

  • Three hour custom tour: $80 per person**

  • Half-day (~4 hours) custom tour: $100 per person **

  • Full-day (~8 hours) custom tour: $160 per person**

** Group Discounts: two-people 20%, three to five people 40%, six to ten people 50%, eleven to twenty people 55% and twenty-one or more people 60%.

Same Rates Information In a Chart *

Per person * 1 person 2 people 3-5 people 6-10 people
2-hour custom tour $70 (walking only) $48 $36 $30
3-hour custom tour $100 $64 $48 $40
Half-day (~4 hrs) custom tour $120 $80 $60 $50
Full-day (~8 hrs) custom tour $200 $128 $96 $80

* Tax (10.1%) is not included. Fees are for guide only and don't include meals, drinks or bicycles - bikes can be rented locally. (Ibike has a limited selection of free, vintage, loaner bikes available for custom tour clients. Ask for details.)  Average out of pocket expenses (drinks, snacks, meal, etc.), per person, $20, plus or minus $15.

Online Registration for Seattle Bike or Walking Tour

Comments and Testimonials

Custom Seattle Bike and Walking Tours Routes and Rates (PDF)

Seattle Heritage Bike (and Walking) Tours Home page

Northwest Activities

Regional Background Information and Links

Getting There: Multi-modal Options for Seattle, King County & the Northwest

Rolling the Islands of the Salish Sea (2 week program)


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