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Innovations / Applications

Here is an interesting collection of new technologies for pedal powered transport that don't fit other categories that we have, but are worth a look.  Not all stand the test of time or the market, so be prepared that links go bad with some regularity on this page and the products fade from existance.

Aquaduct BikeAquaduct  Specialized tricycle for transporting and filtering water.  It is designed to improve the haulage and safety of water in places where people travel to an unsafe source for their water needs.
 Link to descriptive, informational video. (Jan 2008).

Aviroute RowBike Two wheels, powered by a rowing motion.  Except for rowing training, we aren't sure of the application. (Sept 2000)

bamboo bicycle loaded with touring gearBamboo & Wood Bicycles

  • Bamboo & Rattan Bikes Bamboo frame bicycle made from a combination of block-dyed chrome, machine components and hand-shaped and tied bamboo are now on the market. The handlebar grips are cork and the wheel rims are Beachwood. Priced at around FF18,000. Ironically the bike is produced and marketed in France by fashion company Hermes.
    The aim of a rattan bicycle is to replace metal parts by rattan as much as possible. The front baskets, fenders, chain-covers and grips are 100% rattan. The pedals are partly made of rattan. (Feb 1998)
  • Bambucicleta Bamboo bike from Argentina (Nov 2011)
  • Bambusfahrräder Bamboo bike site in German. (Sept 2009)
  • Bicicletas de Bambu from Guatemala YouTube (Sept 2011)
  • Booomers International Bamboo bikes from Ghana (June 2016)
  • Glasglow Wooden Bike Project (Aug 2016)
  • Iron Wood Bicycle DIY wooden bike frame, including fork, handlebars, and seat.  (Aug 2016)

Batteryless Bicycle Flashing Lights A new generation bicycle light system, no battery is needed, no friction on any parts of the bicycle. (Feb 2006)

Bicycle Bus The Dutch company De Café Racer produced an eco-friendly bicycle-bus that is steered by an adult and pedaled by up to 10 children. (Jan 2012)

Bicycle Carrier for Motorcycles (November 2010)

Bicycle Lift (elevator / escalator) Trampe, the first, and as far as we know still the only bicycle lift, was built in the 1993 to help bicyclists get up a hill in Trondheim, Norway.  It was rebuilt and improved in 2013.  (Sept 2015)

Bicycle on Water Jury-rigged a floating bicycle from a mountain bike and an Italian bike kit.  It may go into production. (Oct 2013)

Building a Balancing Scooter Turns out that if you're an average Silicon Valley genius-geek, it's pretty easy to build your own Segway using wheelchair motors and gyroscopes from model
airplanes, and, of course, writing your own computer code to make it work. Read the "Warning" as well. (Feb 2004)

Cardboard Bike The Alfa weighs 20lbs, yet supports riders up to 24 times its weight. It’s mostly cardboard and 100% recycled materials, yet uses a belt-driven pedal system that makes it maintenance free. And, maybe best of all, it’s project designed to be manufactured at about $9 to $12 per unit (and just $5 for a kids version), making it not only one of the most sustainable bikes you could imagine, but amongst the cheapest, depending on the markup.

Conference BikeConference Bike A seven seat quadra-cycle.  One person steers from the back while everyone else faces the center and is free to pedal or not. Staller Sudio Nederland, Herengracht 100, 1015 BS Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  Tel/Fax: +31 20 6249198.  Email: info (at)  (January 2003)

Couch bike and other cool and unusual 'cycles'. Click here for links to more cool bicycles.

Crazy Bikes You Have to See to Believe (video) Halbrad Half Bike, SnowBoard Bike, Bionic Runner, Paravelo Flying Bike, Twicycle, Streetflyer, Lunartic Bike

Fietscafe: bicycle barFiets Cafe A twelve-person pedal powered (bicycle) bar.  (ed: Do they mean juice bar?)  The driver must stay sober. (Oct 2006)

It has spawned a small industry:
The Pedal-Party of Houston, TX
The Pedal Tavern of Milwaukee, WI
The Pedal Tavern of Nashville, TN
The Pub Crawler of Austin, TX
The Pedal Hopper of Lawrence, KS

Fit Kit System "Fit Kit" is registered trade mark for a system developed by the New England Bicycle Academy.  Bike shops now sometimes loosely apply "fit kit" to a number of different bicycle sizing programs.  These range from full adjustable model bikes to protocols of physical measurement that are put in a computer and produce a bike design for the client.  But because the output is computer generated it needs to be interpreted by someone who understands the output and bicycling, with reference to the individual and his or her riding style.  You can contact the original Fit Kit System at 800-434-8548.  Email: fitkit (at) (Jan. 1999)

Historic video of unusual bikes in Europe from the late 1930s and early 1940s. (June 2009)

Over Water Craft

  • Ocean Cycling Yvon Le Caer's endeavors.
  • Shuttle-Bike Kit Small backpack of equipment which in 10 minutes converts a bike to a water craft - bike boat.

PopRide Electic Assist Bicycle-Car (Apr 2016)

Quadra-Byke Kids bike that features a patented axle system that allows the transformation between 2, 3 and 4 wheel formats aimed for children aged 18mths to 6 yrs.

Reciprocal Drive Bike Behzad Kasravi has developed a system for a rotary / reciprocal drive bike. Kasravi lists the advantages as: no 12 or 6 o'clock "dead" points; the length and duration of strokes may be varied at any time to suit the cyclist; the cranks can be of a variable adjustable length for variable mechanical advantage and torque; and, the differential gears will prevent the bicycle from rolling backwards. For more information: BK Design, PO Box 5566, Santa Barbara, CA 93150-5566 USA. (Nov 1997)

Rowbike In part, a rowing machine on two-wheels. (Sept 2004)

Self-righting steering (YouTube) (Oct 2015)

SDV Non-linear crank, with elongated vertical motion. (Sept 2006)

Sideways Bike "Forward facing two wheel steering bicycle with non linked steering."  It seems to have very limited applications and a few safety issues, not the least of which is the route of the chain. (March 2003)

Single-Wheel Ride Li Yongming, left, and Zheng Jun demonstrate one-wheeled cycles during a promotion in Beijing on Monday. The cycle, designed and built in Xian in China's Shanxi province, sells for 2,888 Chinese yuan ($350). (CNN, 13 Nov 2000)

Solarbike, The solar bike is similar to an electric bike, however, the energy can be obtained from the sun (June 2016)

Surfbike  (if you search the web for "surfbike" you will find other dealers.)  A pedal powered boat or water bike. The Surfbike is a bicycle for water, designed for people of all ages, both big and small, who love nature and nautical activities. The Surfbike is original, easy to handle, and fast. It is a great way to exercise and it doesn't create air, water, nor noise pollution.  (Nov 1997)

Transformation Trike A human powered tricycle with multiple configurations that can be transformed to carry one, two or three people, or cargo. Link to video. (Jan 2008)

Two-Wheel Drive Bicycle Technology 

Bill Becoat has invented a two-wheel-drive bike. The simple design works from a flexible steel cable gear, which is driven off of the rear wheel. This connects to a small gear on the hub of the front wheel, spreading the pedal power. Road tests show that this gives greater front wheel stability and improved traction on slippery surfaces and helps make hill climbing easier. The system should offer benefits in sand and snow. Several modes of bicycles using the system are being manufactured by 2 Bi 2 Inc., St. Louis, MO, USA. (Nov 1997)

Christini All-Wheel Drive Bike With dual-suspension and a $3,100 price tag, this is aimed at serious off-roaders. (Dec 2001)

Arm Powered Folding Bicycles Recumbent
Tandem, Triples & Quads Tricycle Quadracycle
Cargo Bike & Trailer People Trailers Third Wheel/Trailer Cycles
 Electric-Assisted Pedal Power Innovations / Applications

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