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Pedal Powered Application A number of organization have done work transforming the drive train of bicycles into other pedal powered operations.  There websites can be found by searching for 'bicycle powered' and 'pedal power applications', and variations of these terms.  We have collected a little information here:

  • Bicycle Powered Generator (click on Human Powered Generator) Commercial product that attaches to a wind trainer to generate electricity. (July 2015)
  • Bicycle Wheel Windmills and Generators (Jan 2012)
  • Campus Center for Appropriate Technology  Articles on a wide range of bicycle driven applications. (Nov 2006)
  • Fender Blender Pedal your way to a fresh smoothie. (July 2009)
  • Maya Pedal  (Guatemala) Used bicycles to build pedal-powered machines: Bicycle Mill/Corn Degrainer, Bicycle Blender, Bicycle Water Pump, Microconcrete Vibrator (Roofing Tiles), Tricycles and Trailers, Bicycle Coffee Depulper, Bicycle Metal Sharpener, Bicycle Washing Machines, Bicycle Electricity Generator,  Soil plow/till/hoe, Bicycle Nut-Sheller, Bicycle Wood Saw and bicycles. (Nov 2004)
  • Maya Pedal video "The Bicycle Machines of Guatemala" (2015)
  • Pedal Power: In Work, Leisure and Transportation, book edited by James McCullagh, Rodale Press.  Explores the  potential for pedal-driven devices in the workshop, in the kitchen, on the farm and for transportation -- with actual building instruction.
  • Pedal Power Applications The following, mostly agricultural related, mechanical application have used pedal power technology: chain trencher, weeding/harvester rider, frontend loader, thresher, weeder (paddy), rototiller, grain reaper, oil seed press, forklift, huller/sheller, soy grinder, reel mower, bulldozer, dumptrike, grain drill, rice separator, tri- and quadra-cycle (with interchangeable units: cargo, flatbed, tanker, stakebed, dumper, pickup, animal, garden tools), sicklebar mower, crawler tractor, wildflower seed harvester, rice polisher, grain winnower and seeder. For more information on any of these contact: Ken Hargesheimer, PO Box 1901, Lubbock TX 79408-1901 USA. Email: minifarms (at)
  • Pedal Power Attachment for Standard Bicycle The resulting machine can be used to power numerous small‑scale mechanical devices such as grain threshers, grinders, water pumps, electrical generators, and a variety of small machine tools.
  • Pedal Power Computer: For description of a pedal-powered computer project in Laos see
  • Pedal Powered Farms and Factories An article covering a wide variety of applications and note links to other resources.
  • Pedal Power Generator A wide range of do-it-yourself (DIY) pedal power applications and information from David Butcher.  (July 2008)
  • Pedal Power Generator Do-it-yourself (DIY) website with free plans.
  • Pedal-a-Watt Stationary Bike Power Generator The Pedal-a-Watt bike was designed to keep the user aerobically fit while creating some extra power that may be sent to a bank of batteries.  These batteries may then be tapped at a later time, after dark for example, when the energy is needed to power lights or appliances.  The average rider will produce between 150 and 200 watts using the Pedal-a-Watt.  While this may not seem like much power, solid state equipment draws very little power and can be powered for long spans of time with small amounts of power.  VHF/UHF Ham Radios, laptops, and DC stereos all draw small amounts of current at 12 volts DC.  (Jan 2004)

PedalPower+ Charge mobile (cell) phones, GPS and other battery powered devices while bicycling.

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Cargo Bike & Trailer People Trailers Third Wheel/Trailer Cycles
 Electric-Assisted Pedal Power Innovations / Applications

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