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Photo essay: Sangju to Daegu


Sangju to Daegu (62mi, 100km) Beautiful rolling countryside and farmland.
Points of Interest:  beautiful hills, rivers and valleys, locations significant in the Korean War

  This is the scene at one of several crossings of the Nakdong River.

Donam Seowon, Nakdong, KoreaThe original Donam Seowon was built in 1606. In 1797, Donjae (East Hall) and Seojea (West Hall) were built. Over the next two centuries it continued to prosper and went through several more revisions and changes. Part of the lecture hall including the auditorium was rebuilt in 1992 by the local Confucian scholar group. As the foremost seowan in Gyeongsang-do region, it has maintained it status as the center of Confucius and Mencius. Donam Seowan enshrines the remains of nine great Confucian scholars.

  Sangjubo (dam), Nakdong River, Korea Sangjubo (dam), Nakdong River, KoreaSangjubo (dam), Nakdong River, Korea
  Nakdong River, Korea The Nakdong River, Korea Fishing on the shore of the Nakdong River, Korea Trail along the Nakdong River, Korea
  Nakdongbo (dam), Korea Nakdongbo (dam) fish ladder, Korea Nakdongbo (dam) fish ladder, Korea
  Nakdon cow statue, Korea Bicycle in the stairwell of a hotel in Nakdong, KoreaThe village of Nakdong is about meet -- specifically beef. In a system I don't understand all of the nuances of, you buy your beef at the butcher shop and take it across the street to the restaurant, where they prep it, cook it and serve it to you.

Bicycle in the stairwell of a hotel in Nakdong

  heritage house and pavilions in Ilsan-ri, Korea Women using the road to dry rice  in Ilsan-riWell preserved private heritage house and pavilions in Ilsan-ri  show the lifestyle of yangban of Northern Yeongnam Region in the Joseon Dynasty period.
  From a book written by An Eung-chang. The monument shows four acts of a faithful dog: A drunk man fell asleep, a fire started to engulf him, the dog rushed to the Nakdong River, jump in, then rushed back to his master and rolled on the fire. The dog did this several times to extinguish the fire. The exhausted dog died shortly after saving his masters life.
  Naksan-ri tombs, Korea Naksan-ri tombs, KoreaNaksan-ri tombs, Korea200 large and small graves, at Naksan, dating to the Three Kingdoms period. Burial objects excavated include gold and silver earrings of Shilla and oil cups for lamps and pottery of Gaya Period. The illustration (right) shows the extensiveness and density of the tomb area.
  Gumibo (dam), Nakdong River, Korea Gumibo (dam), Nakdong River, KoreaWith some predictability we reached the next dam, Gumibo (dam).
  Nakdong River near No-ri, Bugok-myeon, Changnyeong-gun Nakdong River near No-ri, Bugok-myeon, Changnyeong-gun
  Chilgokbo (dam), Nakdong River, Deagu, Korea Modern pavilion, Nakdong River, Daegu, KoreaChilgokbo (dam), Nakdong River, Daegu, KoreaChilgokbo (dam)
  Historical Note: The Battle of Daegu: Five divisions of North Korean army were at Waewan, on the west side of the Nakdong River, 20km northwest of Daegu, in August, 1950. The North Koreans hoped to pierce the Allies defensive perimeter, capture Deagu and continue on to Busan. The line was held by the US 1st Calvary Division. After another North Korean offensive in Sept, the US 1st Calvary counter-attacked on Sept 16 and reversed the course of the war, again. By September 23rd the Allies had reached Sangju, more than 50 kilometers to to the north -- as the crow flies.

The US 24th infantry crossed the Nakdong River on Sept 19, headed west and retook Gimcheon Sept 25. Two months before this, July 26-29, not far from here, near Nogeun-ri, Hwanggan-myeon, Yeongdong County, Chungcheongbuk-do (25km northwest of Gimcheon), the US army is accused of committing a major atrocity of the war, the No Gun Ri Massacre. Estimates of the dead have ranged from dozens to 500 South Korean civilians refugees -- mostly women and children.

  Evening market, performance and scenes in Daegu Open air night restaurants, Daegu, Korea Festival performance, Daegu, Korea Festival performance, Daegu, Korea Festival performance, Daegu, Korea

Sangju Lower Nakdongang

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