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Photo essay: Korea National Cycleway - Four Rivers

  Gimbap restaurantThe best metaphor for conveying the experience of bicycle touring in South Korea is a two-wheeled kaleidoscope:  With every turn of the wheels there is a fascinating shift of perspective, color, texture and composition.  The towns are colorful, the villages are quaint, the temples are solid, majestic and ethereal, the farmland has colors, hues, geometry and texture, the coastline alternates between rugged and expansive, the mountains thick and layered, and the streams are past, present and future all at once.  The essay suffers from not enough ways to say, "It is beautiful."  One member of the group described Korea as "95% beautiful."  On every page where it is left unsaid, you can add in your mind, "And it was beautiful."  The pictures are only snap shots and don't do justice to the country.  For every city picture there are a million more. For every farm valley picture there are a million more. For every temple picture there are a million more. For every face picture there are a million more.  To understand the enrichment of bicycle travel in South Korea you need to not only see everything that is shown here, but everything that is not shown as well.  It is well worth a personal visit. And, it is beautiful.

Here is a photo essay of the National Cycleway - Four Rivers tour. Note we don't follow exactly the same route on every trip. Comments, corrections, clarification and supplemental information are welcome.


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Seoul to Paldang (Han River)
Paldang to Yeosu (Han River)
Yeosu to Chungju (Han River)
Andong to Sangju (Nakdong River)
Sanju to Gumi (Nakdong River)
Gwangju to Mokpo (Yeongsan River)
Gunsan to Daecheong (Geum River)

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