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Photo essay: Saejae Trail -
Ihwalyeong Pass to Mungyeong


Ihwalyeong Pass to Mungyeong (50mi, 80km) Beautiful valleys .
Points of Interest: Ceramic museum, Yangdong River.

    At this point the (now forbidden) Mungyeong Saejae Provincial Park route rejoins the main central route.
  Celedon description Porcelain descriptionBuncheong Ware descriptionAt the base of the road from Ihwalyeong Pass there is a ceramic museum with elegant pieces and informative explanation.  If you are confused about the differences between celadon, porcelain and Buncheong ware this will help clear them up.
  Mungyeong Ceramic Museum Mungyeong Ceramic Museum Mungyeong Ceramic Museum Mungyeong Ceramic Museum Mungyeong Ceramic Museum
  tea set, Mungyeong Ceramic Museum, Korea tea set, Mungyeong Ceramic Museum, Korea tea set, Mungyeong Ceramic Museum, Korea tea set, Mungyeong Ceramic Museum, Korea tea set, Mungyeong Ceramic Museum, Korea
  Fruit stand with apples, Mungyeong Apple orchard, MungyeongConveniently located where it would be nice to have an afternoon snack was this apple stand.  Right in the backyard was the orchard.  The apples had been individual wrapped in blue bags to keep them in pristine conditions. Blemished or unblemished, they tasted just as crisp and sweet to me.
  A couple of specialties of the Mungyeong area are schisandra (left) and perilla curd soup 들깨칼국수 (right).

Schisandra (Korean Omija 오미자) is very similar to, but not the same as red current (Ribes rubrum). Schisandra is said to mean "the fruit that has five flavors (sour, sweet, bitter, salty and spicy). As a supplement it is used to increase resistance to disease and stress, increasing energy, and increasing physical performance and endurance.

  The ridge over the new highway is entirely artificial, it preserves access along the ridge, presumably for wildlife.
  Railbike, Mungyeong, Korea Railbike, Mungyeong, KoreaAbandon rail lines have been developed as rail-bike excursion for tourists.  The amusement goes for two kilometers along an abandon railroad.  Its along a river, but the road is between the tracks and the river so it is actually a prettier ride on a bike than a rail-bike -- but it is not as novel.

By 2014, it had been abandon again.

  Mungyeong Tourist Shooting Field -- rifle club? Fish of the Yangdong River, KoreaNot far from the rail-bikes is another ever so popular tourist attractions -- the "Mungyeong Tourist Shooting Field" -- note the victim in the picture.  It is highly likely that something was either lost or gained in the translation.  "사격장" (sagyeogjang) could have been translated as "rifle range".

The rail-bike and rifle range are across the road from a river.  In a couple places there are signs illustrates the aquatic life in the river.

The river side also make a great location for an open-sided pavilion.  An the sunny afternoon and the pavilion made an excellent time for the local gentlemen's club to meet.


Bicycling through small tunnel, MungyeongFrom Mungyeongsaejae to Mungyeong (over 30 km, 18 miles) there are a variety of back roads, farm roads, village roads, paved trails and virtually abandoned highways that can be strung together for an esthetically enjoyable bike ride.

It is one of the prettiest 30km of riverside riding in the country,

Peppers in the market, Mungyeong, Korea Garlic in the market, Mungyeong, KoreaMungyeong is a good size town with a commercial district that is large enough to stock most needs. There are a dozen yeogwans, at least as many restaurants, a fashion street, the typical range of mini-mart, stores specializing in plumbing, electrical, tile, etc.

The local farms supply the city market with mega quantities of peppers, garlic and numerous other foodstuffs.

Yangdong River bike trail, Mungyeong, Korea

Yangdong River bike trail, Mungyeong, KoreaThere is a trail along the river in Mungyeong but in recent years our destinations in this region have not taken us south along the river so except for random glimpse of paths running along the river as we crossed it at various points, we have no sequential information on the national networks development in this area. 



  Yangdong River Trail, south of Mungyeong, Korea Tree covered mountain, Yangdong River Trail, south of Mungyeong, KoreaYangdong River Trail, south of Mungyeong, KoreaFrom Mungyeong the national route and the Saejae Trail continues south along the Yangdong River Trail.  The trail is at its prettiest when it is high and the river stretches away on one side with the contrast of the texture and color of agricultural activity and forest land balancing it on the other side of the trail.
  Nakdong River at confluence with Yangdong River, south of Mungyeong, Korea Nakdong River Trail, south of Mungyeong, KoreaAbout ten miles south of Mungyeong the Yangdong River joins the much larger Nakdong River, which is flowing from the east at this point.

Saejae Trail Sangju

Andong and Hohoe (side trip)

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