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Photo Essays: Korea Bicycle Tours

We have posted a number of photo essays for Korea that have been derived from bicycle tours around the country.

Structurally they are mostly organized by river trail:

  • Hangang (starts near Seoul)
  • Saejae (a link between the Hangang and Nokdong)
  • Nokdong (ends in Busan)
  • Seomjin (river on the south coast)
  • Yeongsan (river between Gwangju and Mokpo on the west coast)
  • Guemgang (river between Gunsan and Daejon on the west coast)
  • Ocheon (a link between the Guemgang and Saejae)

Areas that are not covered by the river trails are somewhat geographically:

  • East (to join this route start on the Hangang and follow the rivers to Yangsu)
  • Central (to join this route start on the Hangang and follow the rivers to Sanju)
  • West (this is a link between the Yeongsan River and Guemgang)
  • South Sea and Islands (this section starts in Gyeongju, in the south, which is the end of the "East" route)
  • Jeju-do (this is a large island off the south coast)
  • Seoul
  • Busan

Spliced together from sections on the other pages are the tour routes: (Korea Tour's Route Map)

  • The Eastern, Central, and Four Rivers Tours start in Seoul on the Han River.
  • The Sojourn to the Southern Sea and Islands Tour starts in Gyeongju.
  • The Western Rivers Tour starts in Gwangyang.
  • The Southern Rivers Tour starts in Busan.

Additional essays are:

Bicycle Tour Information:

The South Korea programs are each two-weeks long and usually begin in Seoul, Busan, Gwangyang or Gyeongju.

Fact Sheet: Program Schedule and Description of Routes
Ibike Korea Heritage Tour handout (PDF - Print two-pages back-to-back and cut into thirds -- the text is the same on each panel.)
Comments and Testimonials from Past Participants
Registration Information
Korea Bibliography
Having doubts? Here is: Why you should take an Ibike Tour!


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