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Fact Sheets: Schedule and Descriptions

Gongbukmun (gate), Jinju Castle

Repertoire of Korea Tours * (usually one route per year -- if you are planning to participate a year hence, feel free to let us know if there is an itinerary of particular interest to you):

  • National Cycleway System - Central Rivers (2019). We connect together parts of the Hangang, Saejae and Nakdong and embellish it with sections through farmlands and forests.
  • Sojourn to the South Sea and Islands (2018). Travel across the southern edge of the country, hopping between islands of the South Sea. We finish by circumnavigating Jeju Island. This route neither starts of finishes in Seoul so it has the most complicated logistics.
  • National Cycleway System - Southern Rivers (2016). We follow a number of flat river valleys that we link with sections of rural cycling. There is one major hill on the route.
  • National Cycleway System - Western Rivers (2015). This relatively flat itinerary follows several rivers and traverse farmland in the western coastal plain to connect Seoul and the south coast.
  • National Cycleway System - Four Rivers (2014). For a relatively mountainous country, this route is remarkably flat, most running along beautiful rivers and across scenic coastal plains and coastlines.
  • Explore Eastern Korea (2012). This route has the most topography (ups and downs), beautiful long stretches of forests, narrow mountain river canyons, rugged coastlines and grand vistas.
  • Central Cultural Heartland (2011). This route runs most of the length of the country, which means it crosses mountain passes and has some degree of hilliness every day.  It is rich in cultural content and very scenic.

* Itineraries, fares and dates are subject to change.  20% of the land portion is U.S. tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law, for those registering directly with IBF.

Registration: It is easiest, and saves paper, if you register online. Or, you can register by mail by downloading and printing the Registration Packet (PDF file). Or, you can begin the registration process by sending your name, address, phone number, name of the program(s) and a deposit of $300 (of which $300 is a non¬≠refundable registration fee) to Ibike. Deposit and payment may be made by check, money order, credit card or PayPal. Upon receipt of your this information a the registration packet will be forwarded to you.  It must be completed, signed and returned before your registration is considered complete. Registrations submitted less than 60 days prior to departure should include the full fee. Registrations received less than 30 days prior to departure will be accepted subject to availability and a late fee of $50. Payments within 30 days of departure must be by cashier's check, credit card or electronic transfer. Early registration is encouraged. Due to limits on group size and the advisability of starting the reading list, registrations at least 90 days prior to the departure date is suggested.

Full Payment: Due 60 days prior to departure. If payment has not been received and no special arrangements have been made, we reserve the right to assume withdrawal and fill the space.

Withdrawals: To receive a refund if withdrawing, submit a letter of withdrawal in writing to Ibike. Our policy is as follows: (1) A $300 registration fee is forfeited for all withdrawals. (2) A fee of 50% is assessed for withdrawals within 60-30 days prior to departure. (3) The full price of the land costs is assessed for withdrawals initiated less than 30 days prior to departure. Changes in medical circumstances are not considered as exceptions to our normal refund policy. Insurance coverage for trip cancellation/interruption is available from several companies.

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