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Photo essay: Cheongdo to Goryeong

(80km, 50mi)  Mostly flat agricultural valleys, but a couple of hills.
Points of Interest: potato country, petroglyphs, Goryeong market

Anti-Compromise Stele, Cheongdo Anti-Compromise Stele: The monument in the lower right corner of the picture was erected for the expulsion of foreign armies (presumably Japanese and Chinese) in 1886 and 1891.  It reads, "If we do not fight against the Western barbarians, we have no other choice than coming to terms with them.  Compromising with them means selling out our nation."
The valley floor is used for agriculture.  The hillsides are forested It is worth noting the land use pattern in this and most other photos.  The valley floor is used for agriculture.  The hillsides are forested.  Living areas are often in the transition between the two, compact and often even more dense because of multi-story buildings.  These land use pattern are religiously followed.  Even small towns will often have significant amounts of residential high rise development.
A large collection of family graves and tombs: Graves tend to be isolated or in small family groups.  This site is unusual for this area because of the size and number of groups of graves.  There is also a lot of monuments suggesting a wealthy family that has been in a prominent position for a long time.
  hills may look big, but the valley floor is flat hills may look big, but the valley floor is flat The hills may look big, but the valley floor is flat.  In this section we got to enjoy a substantial distance on the valley floor.
  a sign of a low traffic road is rice drying on the road A good sign of a low traffic road is rice and other produce drying on the road.
  For the more ambitious, the is a side trip to Chang-nyeong. The tumuli (tombs) there belongs to the kings of Bihwa Gaya and are spread around the Changnyeong Museum.  There are over 150 tombs in the area.  Tombs were excavated under Japanese Rule and again in 1992.  Most of the tombs were built in the 5th or 6th century (pre-Unified Shilla Kingdom).
  Student in a school yard Student in a school yard.  Schools are consistently orderly, clean, modern and well maintained.
  One tourist map described the are east of Goryeong as potato country.  Right on cue we saw fields of potatoes and people harvesting potatoes.

It is in this district that you cross the Nakdong River route from Daegu to Namji.

  Petroglyphs at Yangjeondong: These were made from the Bronze Age to the early Iron Age.  Though much of the site is worn, it comprises four triple concentric circles, twenty-nine cross patterns and seventeen drawings of human-like faces.  Concentric circles are common is shamanistic systems.
  women walking the road picking up garbage A group of women walking the road picking up garbage. Generally there is only a miniscule amount of litter in towns and along the roads.  The towns are pretty much swept everyday and evidently there is an organized effort to pick up trash along rural roads as well.
  Pedistrian / bicycle bridge, Goryeong, Korea Entering Goryeong from the east, is a fancy and significant pedestrian / bicycle bridge. After getting users across the river, there is an underpass that takes them safely under an expressway and into the street grid of the town. From that point it is not always so bicycle or pedestrian friendly.
  Shops and markets tend to be very specific: the pan shop has a lot of variety of pans, the clock shop has time pieces from wristwatches to digital clocks to grandfather clocks, and the garlic woman has a lot of garlic.  But this doesn't even scratch the surface of the kinds of merchant that there are in town.

Cheongdo   Haeinsa


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