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Our Nepal program will help you discover the depth and complex of the Kingdom of Nepal.  For Nepal, Mt. Everest is only the proverbial "tip of the ice berg."  There is much more to be awed by.  For starters, within 100 miles of its snowy mountain peaks are teeming jungles with countless ecological variations in between. Nepal is also distinctive for the friendliness of its people and the richness of its culture. The people are as variable and intriguing as the geography, offering an unfolding tapestry of ethnic groups, such as Newars, Tharus and Sherpas each with its own distinct language, customs, architecture and dress. While Hinduism is the official religion and practiced by the majority, many people throughout the country are Buddhists. The two religions have co-existed in harmony throughout Nepal’s history. In fact, Hinduism and Buddhism are so intertwined that their temples sometimes share the same location and rites of both faiths may be practiced within a single family.  Program participants have opportunities to see the royal capital city of Kathmandu (a World Heritage Site), to meet indigenous people and explore a variety of unique ecological zones, including Royal Chitwan National Park (a World Heritage Site). We will visit local markets, temples and development projects and to enjoy the extraordinary friendliness of the people and inspirational beauty of the country.

Ibike sponsors educational programs for those who want to learn more about the people of the world, as well as see the beautiful sights. The primary mode of travel is bicycle. The cycling varies from program to program but is generally easy to moderate. Side trips are available for those with extra energy. Accommodations are a mix from western-style hotels to hostels and local housing. All participants receive comprehensive pre-departure materials with detailed instructions on setting up their bicycle, packing, training and other information for program preparation. The program is ideal for the realist who appreciates the world and the wonderful rewards gained for the modest rigors of bicycle touring.

The fourteen-day, Nepal program begin in January. The program is $1590, including accommodations, two meals a day and variety of activities along the way. The group is limited to 10 people so early registration is recommended.

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Nepal Mid-Mountain Mystery *

Schedule: January (see full schedule and status) The weather in January is dry.  It will be cool in the highlands and comfortable in the lowlands.

Program Price (lodging, two meals/day, guide, museum fees and more): US$1590 (less than six people add $100) (airfare is not included). Average out of pocket expenses per program $100 plus or minus $50.

Description: Day 1-3: orientation, acclimatization, and exploration of Kathmandu's bustling streets, plazas, markets and temples, monasteries and government buildings. Day 4-5: wander our way to the fertile lowlands, visiting markets, development projects, temples, families and ecological zones from alpine Himilaya to the forests of the Terai. Day 6-9: Explore in and around Chitwan National Park, known for its tigers and rhinos. Day 10-13: work our way back into the foothills of the Himalayas, with visits to more historical and cultural sites. Day 14: End of the program in Kathmandu.

Features: Small group, educational people-to-people bicycle tour. Visit with and gain a better understanding the lifestyles, history, politics, social institutions and economics of the people of central Nepal. Day-to-day, on a ongoing basis, throughout the program there will be discussions on history, architecture, culture, ethnic diversity, social systems, gender rights and roles, politics, agriculture, music, language, religion, geology, botany, and ecology.

Start / Finish: Kathmandu, Nepal

Skill Level: Suitable for fit Intermediate

Mileage Daily / Total: 40-100km, 25-62 miles per day, starts with lower mileage / 500km, 300 miles total.

Cycling Conditions: 80% paved roads, many hills, with sections of long hills, high elevation.

Accommodations: Small hotels, and hostels, no tent camping.

Van Support: no support vehicle.

Meals Included: Two meals per day, generally breakfast and dinner.

Other Activities: Discussions, visits, walking.

Bike: Mtn. bikes are recommended.  Bike Rental: not currently available.

* Itineraries, fares and dates are subject to change.  20% of the land portion is U.S. tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law, for those registering directly with IBF.

Detailed Registration Information

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