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Bicycle Awareness Campaign Themes





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Bicycle Awareness Themes:

The following were developed as themes for weekly, five minute, health and wellness segments on local TV.  They could also be used for a concentrated daily feature during an annual bike week, as a monthly series, etc, or in a different medium like a newspaper column. You can pick and choose from the following ideas to create an awareness campaign.  If you have an idea that should be added to the list please let us know.

§ Taking an infant on a bike child seat, trailer, or third wheel bike (supporting information)
§ Teaching a child to ride a bike (supporting information)
§ Teaching children to ride safely (supporting information)
§ Buying bikes for children (supporting information)
§ Why helmets are important (supporting information)
§ Bike check-up. Is your bike healthy enough to ride? (supporting information (PDF))
§ Cautions about bicycling on the sidewalk and other normal places (supporting information)
§ Safe routes to school
§ Family-friendly local places to bicycle.
§ Carrying things on your bike. Do’s and Don’ts
§ Dressing for biking (general)
§ Dressing for biking in the spring
§ Dressing for biking in the summer
§ Dressing for biking in the autumn
§ Dressing for biking in the winter
§ Cycling at dusk, dawn and night
§ General rules of the road for bicycle
§ Proper starting  (supporting information)
§ Proper stopping (supporting information)
§ Turning techniques
§ Hazard avoidance
§ The law for bicyclists (supporting information)
§ Bicycles sharing the road with cars
§ Bicycles sharing the road with buses
§ Bicycles interacting with pedestrians and other non-motorized travelers (supporting information)
§ Commuting by bicycle (supporting information)
§ Business support of bike commuting (supporting information)
§ Recreational bicycling
§ Group riding etiquette (supporting information)
§ Complete streets. Safe streets for all.
§ Staying health bicycling.
§ Benefits of bicycling (supporting information)
§ Accessories that make cycling more fun
§ Earn-A-Bike / Teen bike programs (supporting information)
§ Bike Library / Bike Coops (supporting information)
§ Showcase local cycling organizations
§ Showcase local major rides  (supporting information)
§ Bicycle touring (supporting information)
§ Bicycle racing (supporting information)
§ Mountain biking
§ Women and girls and bicycles (supporting information)
§ Bike to work day / week /month (supporting information)
§ National Nightout Wheel Block Party (first week of August) (supporting information)
§ Critical Mass (supporting information)
§ Work bikes in the community (supporting information)
§ Pedicabs: Green taxis (supporting information)
§ Bike Share: How they work, and how to take the most advantage from them.
§ E-bike: The pros, cons and etiquette
§ Local bicycle advocacy issues

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