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There are bicyclist that have bicycled thousands of mile a year for decades without a crash.  It is not because of a special bicycle, glitzy cyclist equipment or they just lucked-out.  It is because they maintained their bike, had the right equipment and learn how to ride safely.  Educate yourself on bike safety and you too can enjoy safe cycling for a lifetime.

[Note: Some of these files are in PDF format, and are designed so that you can print them and distribute them in your community.]

Infants, Kids, Bicycle and Trailers: Child Seats vs. Trailers, what's safe?

Teaching Kids (and Adults) to Bicycle Video "Learning to Bicycle Without Pain, Teaching Bicycling Without Strain" and narrative description.

Teach Your Children Bicycle Safety:  A primer on helping your kids to have more fun cycling by bicycling safely.

Tips for Getting Started with Bicycling  Helpful advice for both children and adults stepping up their bicycling a notch.

Bicycle Injury Prevention Self-inflicted sports injuries can occur from bicycling.  The good news is that bicycling is a very low-impact sport and riding smart can avoid most of this injuries:

Bigger Kids: Which Bike to Choose and Buy As Children Grow

Adult Bike Frame Buying, Building and Metallurgy

Bicycle Safety Education / Injury Reduction Programs Programs ideas to be implemented local bike safety programs, with safety education curriculum.

Components of a Bicycle Safety Education Program with Critique Of Traditional & Modified Bicycle Rodeos

Components of Bicycle Safety Skill Course with skills course participant evaluation (PDF file)

Bicycle-Drivers Training Curriculum

Bicycle Helmet A discussion of bike helmets and bicycle accidents.

Bicycle Statutes, Laws and Codes (USA and South Africa)

Bicycle Tour Hazards Evaluation and Control (PDF file)

Crashes Some tips on how to avoid them, and what to do when a driver didn't drive safely for conditions, which includes in the presence of a bicyclist (or pedestrian), and nails them.

Enforcement, Bicycles and Education

Group Riding Safety and Etiquette (PDF file - print & distribute) A primer on helping adults to have more fun cycling by bicycling safely.

Multi-use, Non-motorized Trails (Bikeways) Etiquette

Basic First Aid for Bicycle Travel & Tours

Heat Related Illness and Bicycling

Outline on Accident Data (PDF file) Practical Applications for Education, Engineering & Enforcement

Safety Literature, Vidoes and Links Source information and links.

Strategies Of Injury Control

IBF's Bicycle / Safety / Sustainability Bibliography / Reading List



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The International Bicycle Fund is an independent, non-profit organization. Its primary purpose is to promote bicycle transportation. Most IBF projects and activities fall into one of  four categories: planning and engineering, safety education, economic development assistance and promoting international understanding. IBF's objective is to create a sustainable, people-friendly environment by creating opportunities of the highest practicable quality for bicycle transportation. IBF is funded by private donation. Contributions are always welcome and are U.S. tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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